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What is Jerkmate? Jerkmate is a webcam platform that provides a pure joy to its users. Here, you will see the best Jerkmate girls and guys Jerking off for women. The website is rated high by users thanks to the models’ gallery, free registration, and user-friendly interface. As a side note, the average number of users online every day is 1717 people. Jerkmate does not offer a decent price list as the models work on a per-minute principle. So, all the prices depend on a particular model. Such features as Cam-to-Cam, Voice-to-Voice, and Video chat attract the viewers all the time. Customer Support is fast and efficient for you to solve all the issues. What is more important, for every purchase you’ll get 10 extra tokes, so it’s a good deal. Learn more about the models, payment methods, safety measures, and other things in this Jerkmate review.

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In general, there are 35 categories. Here are some of the most favorite among the website users:

  • Jerkmate couples cams (22 models online) – many couples do not mind masturbating with strangers. They are playing with themselves and with their new virtual partner! If you haven’t tried it yet, couples cam might be something you have been missing all that time. In terms of popularity, it gets 4 out of 10.
  • Jerkmate MILF cams (64 models online) – the category is an excellent choice for those who are crazy for hot ladies with rich experience in the most exquisite entertainment! The word combination MILF cams speak for itself, so do not hesitate and try something new. This category is popular enough amongst the users, so it gets 8 out of 10.
  • Jerkmate Latina cams (64 models online) – beautiful Latina cams girls have gorgeous bodies, and Latina guys look so hot! Something exotic is always the right choice. You and your cam partner can fire up the night so that the Brazilian carnival will be boring compared to this! But if to speak about popularity, it takes the 5th place or 6 out of 10. 
  • Jerkmate Asian cams (16 models online) – Asian girls look so innocent, on the one hand, on the other hand, these beauties know a lot about a high-class pleasure. No wonder that Asian cams are among the most wanted choices and gets 7 out of 10.
  • Jerkmate mature cams (68 models online) – there is something about a grown woman. She looks so feminine and powerful at the same time. Each model in the Mature cams category knows what she wants and how to make her partner feel good. 5 out of 10 for this category because of its popularity.
  • Jerkmate BBW cams (68 models online) – well, what can I say? There is no such thing as too many beautiful women. The more, the better! This BBW cams category offers some juicy ladies just as you like! This category is the most popular, so it gets 10 out of 10.
  • Jerkmate ebony cams (68 models online) – the ebony skin of the ladies looks like silk. The most interesting is that you want them before you know it! Let yourself experience some heavenly impression with these beauties from the Ebony cams category (3 out of 10).
  • Jerkmate Anal cams (69 models online) – you will be glad to know that there are many anal cam models o the website. People like the Anal cams category, and so do the models of Jerkmate. So, it is no wonder why this category gets 9 out of 10 because of its popularity.

*Note that there are no foot fetish and strippers cams though.

Jerkmate webcam models.

Site Features

Many users of the live cam services try to find the service that would fit their needs, preferences, and tastes. Yet, most of the users tend to choose the website that offers a particular feature set. The truth is that the features of the cam websites comprise its usability, which is crucial for customer satisfaction. Note that the customers of the site include not only men but also women of any age. You won’t see teens jerking off on the site. The doors of Jerkmate are open to anyone over 18 years old!

As for Jerkmate, this website will not disappoint you in terms of the features. The first thing that will please you is, of course, the opportunity to register for free. After you visit the website’s main page, you will discover the variety of models and categories. All the information you need is organized in a very convenient way. You can see which cams are available right off the reel. Even if you cannot find the needed one, there is a search bar with filters. Some of the extra features of the Jerkmate site are as follows: 

  • Private chat rooms for you and your masturbation fellow;
  • Toy games! Ask a model to have some fun with a camgirl dildo – a device that will make you both aroused. You can join your virtual partner and get some for you as well. Visit some specialized websites to avoid the purchase of a cheap fuck machine to have high-class entertainment seeing how the model would do it.
  • There are also paid – premium – features. For instance, private video shows, opportunity to send direct emails and rate the performers and, finally, notifications that show you when a saved model is online.
Jerkmate live sex room.

Payment Types

In terms of payment systems, there are not so many you can use. However, you can use Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal, which are some of the most popular among the users. Moreover, you are free to use the prepaid versions of any of these. No matter which payment method you choose, any would work well for a Jerkmate site. The private shows will cost you around $1.5 – $2 for a minute.

As there is a free registration, you do not have to spend a cent on becoming a member of the service or buy some credits (tokens). Naturally, some premium features require an extra payment. Nevertheless, the fee entirely depends on the time you spend on the website. Also, keep in mind that there is such a thing as a credit back. The credit back is an opportunity to save some money, while as you continue using the service, your credit back is growing from 1% and up to 10%. Thus, you can later use these tokens.

Site Traffic and Quality 

This live webchat also provides as many as 35 categories. Anytime you visit the website, there are more than 200 models online waiting for you. Thus, you will surely find something for yourself! Talking about some of the most visited cams, these include: couples cams (22 models online), milf cams (64 models online), Latina cams (64 models online), Asian cams (16 models online), mature cams (68 models online), BBW cams (68 models online), ebony cams (68 models online), anal cams (69 models online). Sadly, you will not find a foot fetish and stripper cams. Nevertheless, you may want to check the BDSM and Pornstar categories.

Considering the number of similar websites, it will be fair to state that it is one of the most reputable and safe platforms for you. The site is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German. So, it is an international service. The website’s traffic demonstrates that Jerkmate is slowly but steadily developing. It is also one of the reasons why some new features are continually appearing on the main page of the website.

Despite the user-friendliness of the website and the number of models online, it is not the winner among similar sites. Such platforms as Chaturbate or Bonga cams will offer you a more significant model base. However, I believe that quality is more important than quantity. Hundreds of users regularly visit the site that has been delivering some spicy joy to its users for 12 years in a row.  

Jertkmate cam site sex categories.

Site Usability

As for the usability of the website, the users rate it high. The fact that there are no annoying Jerkmate ads played its role; however, there are many other reasons why they like it. There is a good reason for this – the platform is rather intuitive. As you visit the website, you understand how to use it even though its design differs from many others. First, you need to answer several questions to make the search results more suitable for you and your preferences. After this, you can pick your partner.

Jerkmate is the right decision for those who are looking for a website that is compatible with mobile devices. If you browse the site via your smartphone, the interface will be just as convenient in use as its desktop version. So, if your PC is far from you and you suddenly decide to have some fun, you can start the conversation with a model, look through the profiles, and watch some videos. Note, however, that there is no particular app version of Jerkmate. Anyway, you choose, you get an unforgettable experience!

Jerkmate webcam site mobile version.

Video Quality

When you watch the live stream shows, you cannot but mention that the quality of the cam is excellent. You must admit that it is a critical factor, while you pay for something to watch and you want to see all the details! On the website, you will find cam models with both pro and amateur cams. The quality of the amateur cams is not that good as the pro cams offer, though. Thus, if you are too picky, make sure that the Jerkmate girl or a boy also appreciates the high-class sex cams quality.

Near every live stream, you can see a detailed description of each of them and some information about the model. A short overview will help you make the right choice while searching for the one you need. If you want a model to set a particular angle, you ask her via the chatbox. Well, or you can simply have some chat with him or her. If you realize that the model does not meet your needs, you can switch to another channel that is on the list.


You already have known that the registration process is entirely free. On the main page, there is a button “Create Your Free Account.” Naturally, such an option has some limitations in terms of access. At the same time, you should also consider that a free Jerkmate account does offer a lot. Free registration allows you to experience some free chatting with girls and an opportunity to look through the sample images. 

There is no such thing as membership. So, you cannot get a 1-month and 6-month plan. Everything that happens for a price is defined by a model, location, and feature you are willing to try. Some people like watching previously recorded videos. Such pre-records account for 2,99 dollars and are only available for 24-hours.

The private shows are usually in demand as you have an opportunity to spend your time with a model tete-a-tete. The maximum price for this entertainment is $ 1.50 – 15.99 per minute. Again, everything depends on a model and his or her rating. So, as you can see, there is no specific price list. But it is not so bad, because you have a choice and decide what price is affordable for you.

Chat Type

Both the free and the premium variants of membership offer specific features. As it is a webcam platform, you will find here many options related to a video. All the things that are connected with texting are also present here, but let’s be honest, people come to Jerkmate, not for the conversations. Below, you can see three major video chat types that make this website a desirable one among the users:

  • Voice-to-Voice chat – this chat type is available for the premium users only. It is worthy of mentioning that not all the models are ready to participate in this chat. As the name states, it is a chat where you can communicate with a boy or girl of your choice. This chat type combines both visual and audio pleasure. Do not hesitate to try it out!
  • Video Chat – the most prominent feature of any website with cam models, is the video chat. All the models who are available on the website use this feature in their shows. Along with the video show, you can send some messages to a man or a woman via the online chat form. Sometimes it is an excellent way to make the performance even spicier!
  • Cam-Cam – this chat type is very private and available in the corresponding private show only. Using this chat type, you can be sure that you and your partner spend time exclusively together. During this chat, both a model and a user can share some videos. This feature is a premium class pleasure.
Jerkmate sex cam site chat options.


  • Lots of performers – on the website, you can find lots of models. On average, there are 200 models online every day. Whether you are looking for a man or a woman, you will be satisfied. More than 30 categories offer you the models who are ready for experiments and some fun!
  • Easy to use – you will enjoy the website’s design. As for the interface, it is highly intuitive and easy to understand. A large button ‘Create Your Free Account’ welcomes you on the top of the main page. What is more, such a user-friendly design is characteristic of both a desktop and a mobile version.
  • VIP membership – even though there is no such thing as a monthly membership, there is a premium (VIP) membership, however. Using the premium features, you have an opportunity to experience some of the extra features and have access to the content that is blocked for the users of the free accounts.
  • Private shows – the private shows are the core of the webcam platforms. Having a private show with a beautiful model allows you to feel relaxed and have a first-class experience. Besides, you can communicate and share some videos with your Jerkmate partner during the private show.
  • Bonuses – even though there is no such thing as a bonus system on the website, there is another thing you will appreciate – the credit back! The credit back is an opportunity to benefit from the service. If you tend to visit Jerkmate regularly, your credit back will accumulate some percentage from your spent money. With time, these percentages will transform into tokens that allow you to have more resources and use them on the website.  


  • HD cam filter is absent – the Jerkmate website does not offer any HD filter, while some users consider the feature to be a critical one. The users require such filters to add some brightness, make the image clearer, or change the resolution of a video. Sure, the quality of the videos on the website is excellent. However, it would be none the worse for having an HD filter.
  • Cost – compared with other webcam sites, Jerkmate prices are somewhat higher. Even if talking about the average price, it is still not affordable for many users. Even though the price range is wide (from $ 1.50 to 15.99), some may be upset by this moment.

Customer Service – Support

The Jerkmate support team representatives work 24 hours, 7 days a week without holidays! You have an opportunity to contact a manager via the website. Specifically, there are several options for you: you may use a live chat box, send an email, or just call by a phone number that you can see on the website. The support team members reply fast and consult you on any issue.

If you are willing to find an answer yourself, there is a way out for you. The website provides a complete FAQ section. Here, you will find pretty all the answers to the questions you may have. Personally, I recommend that you visit the section first to learn much useful information. Yet, if you feel that something is missing in the FAQ list of the answers, you should specify the information. Anyway, it should be said that the performance of the support managers is flawless.

Who Should Use Jerkmate?

Jerkmate is for all interested people. Indeed, the models represent different nationalities, ethnicities, and age groups. You can choose the model’s preferences, hair, and eye color, or even a body type. As for the users, these are mostly men; women use the website not that often. Besides, I cannot but mention that Jerkmate is LGBT tolerant so that you can find here the partner you have always dreamt about despite your sexual orientation or sexual preferences. The only strict rule of the website is that the users and the models are to be of the full legal age. Apart from that, everybody is welcome!

Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking

Is Jerkmate safe? Yes! The website provides users with the type of entertainment that is deeply personal. For that reason, the site makes sure that confidential information is appropriately secured. You should know that the Internet is a place where cybercrimes represent reality: data leak is a threat that may affect even you! The users can always visit the Privacy Policy page of the site. According to the policy, the website applies several safety measures to “protect against unauthorized access, use or disclosure of customer information.” All in all, everything that deals with privacy issues is there. 

Let us look at the security measures that are applied by Jerkmate. First and foremost, the sensitive data of the users is safely stored and encrypted with the help of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. It is worthy of mentioning that this certificate is approved by Bitdefender – a top-notch security software provider. For that reason, you should not be worried about the credit card details, as well as your personal information.

As for the regional blocking, it is better to specify the information in customer support managers. However, certain activities can result in the blocking of a user. Some of these, you can find on the same Privacy Policy page. The key violating activities include distribution of the spam content, chat traffic, incentive traffic, and also email traffic.

Hardware Functionality

Jerkmate sex cam site hardware functionality.

The desktop version of the website is so easy to use! Everything that you need is right in front of your eyes. You do not need to search for the registration button. On top of the main page, you can see the categories of the girls and the gallery of all the models that are currently online.

On top of the page, you can also see the category ‘New Models,’ which is very convenient if you are a regular visitor and want some new impressions. You see the regions of the girls, which are North America/UK/Australia, Europe, Central/South America, Asia, and Africa. Websites usability and convenient interface bring Jerkmate 9.5 out of 10 points. Great score!

If you are more into mobile usage, you will appreciate the fact that the website looks just the same as it does on the PC. Sure, the buttons look smaller in the mobile version. However, I cannot say that it is a big problem. Thus, the score for the mobile version will be 9 out of 10. You will have the same exciting experience in both cases: if you prefer to visit Jerkmate via your computer or any mobile device.

Jerkmate Promo Code

Many websites that are similar to Jerkmate offer some promo codes for their users. However, it is not the case with this website. If you contact the support customer, you will find out that the site simply does not support the idea of promo codes. Some of you might be disappointed because of that.

Nonetheless, it is not the problem, as the platform offers some alternatives. There is such a thing as the block of discounted sessions. These are the pre-recorded sessions. You can get the block with a 20% discount under the circumstance that the time of this session is 15 minutes and not less. Note that the initial price of this session used to be charged as any other without discount – per minute. In such a way, you can save the right amount of money.

Register for Jerkmate Today!

The registration is entirely free for the newcomers and does not presuppose any welcoming tokens. On the top of the website’s main page, you are to click on the buttons named ‘Join Free’ or ‘Free Account.’ right after this, there appear the instructions. Nothing complicated! Your task is to make sure that all the details you are filling in are correct. You will need to enter your real name, address, and also some billing information for the payment method that is convenient for you. That is it. You should not pay anything to become a part of the Jerkmate community. 

Being a free account owner, you have some options on the website. Yet, you have many limitations as well. If you want to tip the girls, you can buy a Gold – the site’s currency that is equal to your local currency. So, if you are an American and you want to tip a lady – it will cost you one dollar. The premium users can rate the performers, create the list of favorites, have access to private sessions and cam-to-cam chats, send them emails, and receive notifications when their favorite model is online. Each of the extra features are not available for the free accounts, so you will have to spend some money on these.

Jerkmate sex cam site registration.


Summing up everything, I would like to say that this website deserves its place in the top 5 of the webcam platforms. Along with similar sites, Jerkmate provides spectacular features for the users. What is more, I consider this site to be genuinely progressive. It might be more explicit to some users. However, if it is something you have been looking for so long – then it’s a score! Besides, Jerkmate is for males and females of any age or preferences and sexual orientation. Not all the video chat sites can offer the same. Sure, the prices may bite some users. For that reason, my rate will be 8.5.

Rating: 3.7/5. From 6 votes.
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